Creating and decorating any event can without a doubt be overwhelming and confusing. There are rentals, purchases, round table linens, square table linens, overlays, table runners, chair covers, napkins, chair ties, and a plethora of decor to choose from to accent those linens; without ever mentioning the fabric types: satin, polyester, rosette, sequin, etc. It may seem complicated, and sometimes it can be, but to find the right combination of colors is to create and achieve a stunning environment. Mikasa Fine Linens provides guided options with 10+ years experience. Simplicity is what people want, and it is what we provide. Mikasa Fine Linens simplifies the Fine Linen industry. Short consultations at our beautiful showroom are a simple beginning of what we do for you. Some simple information is all that is needed to present a variety of presentations to which best suit your vision. Let us take care of you and your needs. Making things simple is our forte, on top of communication, and great expertise it is a short consultation to complete a daunting task and hand it over to a proven professional to show you the end product for approval. Give us the scenario and tell us your vision, and we will take care of the rest !